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TRX懸吊式阻抗訓練(Total Body Resistance Exercise),是全身性的肌力訓練,利用自己的體重作為阻力,調整傾斜角度或姿勢來控制運動強度。研究指出,TRX能訓練到深層肌肉,對肌肉的激活效果比在平面上施行肌力訓練好。

TRX的特色正是「All core, all the time, all places, all level.」也就是可以給任何體能水準的人、在任何時間與場所訓練。為了獲得最佳效果,您應該每三週改變鍛煉的一部分。快來加入, 您會驚訝於哪種鍛煉方式更適合您。

TRX suspension induction training (full body resistance exercise), using one's own weight as resistance, adjusting the angle or posture to control the intensity of the exercise. The activation effect is better than applying muscle strength training on a flat surface.

The feature of TRX is "all cores, all times, all places, all levels." That is, it can train any person with physical support at any time and place. In order to get results, you'd better change your exercise every three weeks and join in, you will be smarter and more suitable for you.
Exercise makes us feel happier and healthier.



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Animal Flow is essentially a series of physical postures linked together in a fluid sequence, seamlessly moving from one position to another.


Animal Flow exercises look similar to yoga asanas, except that the movements are more primal and, possibly, more athletic in nature.

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