A new and fun way to move designed for kids age 5 to 12. kids will be taught different skills on the bungee & play fun and challenging games that will help develop body control and coordination. Classes are divided into 3 groups: Ages 5-6 (Early Years) Ages 7-9 (Primary) Ages 10-12 (Pre-Teen)

WHY bungeeKIDS?

  1. The hottest and newest trend in exercise is now available for kids.

  2. A new fun way to move (Flying, diving, hovering and many more)

  3. Exercise + Games = Exergaming!

  4. Low impact exercise is beneficial for kids that are overweight


  1. RESISTANCE of the bungee develops an increase in SPEED & STAMINA especially for young atheletes.

  2. Bungee movements especially in air IMPROVES core BALANCE & STABILITY.

  3. Class activities will emphasize on good BODY CONTROL and correct alignment.

  4. Games designed for classes enhances fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


bungeeKIDS Certificate Level 1-6.

Eligible Participants who have an attendance rate of 80% or more and can be recommended to take the bungeeKIDS Examination held in bungeeWORKOUTHK each year to obtain internationally recognized certificate.

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