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Grand jeté 

[French grahn zhuh-tey] 


A jump in which a dancer sprints from one foot to land on the other with one leg forward of their body and the other stretched backwards while in the air. 

Grand Jeté Dance Center was founded by Ballet Jazz enthusiast Gloria Sit in 2002. Gloria has had a passion for dance since she was young. She followed her heart and pursued a career in dance. She was determined to inspire, motivate and mentor the young to express themselves through physical arts.


Today, Gloria continues to inspire many young people, teaching them the art of body movement and the mentality within dance. Grand Jeté Dance Center has expanded its range of classes to promote health and wellness through leisure and passion.

"Do what you love, love what you do" is Gloria's motto for all students.


Gravity-defying workout. We are the first and only to bring Bungee Workout to Hong Kong. The high-intensity class is a fusion of dance and aerobics that allows you to float weightlessly over the floor, hand upside down and perform incredible aerial moves.

EASTER Fun2023

Have you signed your kids up for camp? Don't let them miss this amazing experience! 

We are accepting students for Easter Fun 2023


as a bungeeWORKOUT instructor of the Grand Jete Dance Center, allowing you to develop alternative professions, develop their strengths and achieve careers. 

KIDS Program

6 weeks course : 3 weeks bungeeKIDS/3 weeks AntiGravity® KIDS. Learning different types of skills, through intensive "sensory motor" training, can effectively improve children's concentration, emotional state, motor and language expression, reading and learning ability.



Tel/Whatsapp only:

+852 9279-1231


Wang Tai Road, Kowloon Bay

Only available by appointment. Please call or WhatsApp to book in advance.

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